Adventures of wine and cuisine

The Vipava Valley has always been renowned for its exquisite wines. The region’s landscape and mild climate are two key reasons why the grapevine has been thriving here for almost two thousand years. The long-lasting tradition, which has been passed down from one generation to another, has helped many respected wine growers make a name for themselves beyond the borders of their homeland. You can spice up your stay with us by visiting stone cellars built deep below the ground, also called ‘hrami’ by the locals. Relax in the company of good people and toast with ‘pinela’ and ‘zelen’ – our favorite couple!

The Vipava Valley cuisine is characterized by simple dishes which were already prepared by our ancestors way back when. Home-cooked meals were always modified according to the ingredients they were able to grow themselves. Traditional dishes are also served in the best local restaurants or ‘ošterije’, as the locals call them, their chefs and cooks merely add a pinch of modernity. You can find numerous restaurants and pubs on astonishing and scenic locations or amidst the serried streets of the stone villages of the Vipava Valley. Aside from tasty dishes and wine, their owners also offer homegrown produce, fruit, herbs, syrups, jams … We definitely recommend you to acquaint yourself with the tastes of the Vipava Valley!




Ajdovščina is economic and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley. The Valley lies the west of Slovenia, 25 km from the Slovene-Italian national border. It takes less than an hour drive on the highway to reach Ajdovščina from capital of Slovenia.


Swimming, outstanding experiences, learning about different sports are appropriate activities for useful spending time during the summer holidays.

Nearby Sports facilities

The proximity of sports facilities and the natural environment is a great advantage of the campsite as a destination for active holidays. The camp is located next to the Sports Centre Ajdovščina, which is from the city center only a kilometer away. If you belong to groups or individuals that desire spend active holiday, camp Ajdovščina definitely the right destination.

Food and wine routes

The Vipava Valley is known for its exquisite cuisineand colorful offer of white and red wine. The Vipava wine route is marked with special signs is inviting you during the whole year. On the route you can stop on varius restaurants, tourist farms, wine cellars where  they can offer you genuine wine and home produced and cooked food. Among the people of the Vipava Valley who work hardly trough whole year you will find the warmth of the original country home.