Bike park Ajdovscina

Bike park Ajdovscina is located in the sooroundings of the Sports Center and Youth Hostel. The total length of the tracks is 7 km, which are classified with different levels of difficulty.

Acces to the entry points of the trails "Izi-up" 3.4 km and "Frutabela-up" 0.3 km,



  • Length: 0.4km.
  • Difficulty: Easy.
  • Brief description: Short trail which inculde many diferent elements such a wide variety of obstacles serpentines, turns, humps and waves. Suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists.


  • Length: 2.3 km.
  • Difficulty: Medium. 
  • Brief description: Enduro course, intended for enduro races, traning camps for competitors as well as less experienced riders.


  • Length: 0.9km.
  • Difficulty: Easy.
  • Brief destription: A track that is interesting for cyclists who like fan, higher speeds and steep turns.


  • Length: 0.8km
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Brief description: A trail with smaller jumps and smooth ride. Suitable for beginners and also experienced cyclists.

Čez koreniko

  • Length: 0.2km
  • Difficulty: Medium 
  • Brief description: The track laid out between the roots of trees which a right patern of cycling skills and  balance are required.

opening hours

-In appropriate weather conditions, when the track is not muddy as a consequence of rain.

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